Goop 14oz. Multi-Purpose Water-less Hand Cleaner & Stain Lifter Case of 6


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Lot of Six (6) 14 oz. GOOP MULTI-PURPOSE WATERLESS HAND CLEANER & STAIN LIFTER  Ever Try Goop for Spots on Washable Clothes.

Original Goop Hand Cleaner. The one and only, original formula introduced in 1949, non-toxic and biodegradable. Goop Multi-Purpose Hand Cleaner has been a fixture in households all over America for generations. Goop was originally designed for mechanics to wash their hands without water. Now it is known for removing grease, ink, tar, blood-you name it, from almost anything. Goop saves you time and money in the workshop, laundry, on the road, in your car and anywhere you and the kids get into a mess. Product uses include dirty hands, pets, fabrics & clothing, and tools & machinery.